Everything you need to know to be ready when you arrive with us.

Arrival and departure, extended camp care program, thematic activities, allergy and medication management, behavioral monitoring… We are true experts when it comes to organizing day camps!

Weekly bilingual day camp with extended camp care included

Summer 2024 schedule

From June 24 through August 16 (8 weeks)

  • 7-9 am – Extended camp care
  • 9 am to 4 pm – Camp
  • 4-6 pm – Extended camp care

The camp is open on June 24 and July 1. Activities may be modified, depending on the number of participants.

Extended camp care program

The extended camp care program is included in the price of our camps and all children are automatically registered.

The children take part in workshops led by the counsellors (sports games, craft projects, dexterity and board games, special challenges, etc.). A reading and quiet games corner also allow those who wish to do so to relax.

The departure time must be respected, otherwise a fee of $6 per child per 15 minutes will be applied and will need to be paid instantly.

A week at camp...

Even though specialized activities take up a good part of our days, we make it a point to keep the kids moving, to keep them refreshed and to take breaks outside. Not to mention the many special activities and the festive Fridays!

Code of conduct

The code of conduct lists the rules the participants must observe, and explains the applicable penalties, which can go as far as dismissal in cases of noncompliance. Please make sure to read it and discuss it with your child prior to arrival.

Download the code of conduct

We stick to our promises!

Each week, you may find your kid’s group activity schedule on the activity board.

Let’s play in the water!

One visit to the beach is scheduled per week (transport by bus to Des Cèdres park). Water games are also organized at the school site. The frequency and timing of water activities may vary from week to week during the summer and depending on the weather. Please provide appropriate personal items each day.

Themes and games

Each week, our day camp is immersed in a funny thematic universe which inspires all the regular activities, but also all the special group activities. Occasionally, the day camp team and all participants are invited to wear costumes. All the information concerning the thematic activities is available in the newsletter sent on Thursday before each day camp registration week.


A fun day to highlight the end of the week. It is an opportunity for the children to celebrate with the counselling team, to participate in the grand finale of the thematic activities and even to share a frozen treat together.

I'm hungry!

Lunch and snacks

Children bring cold lunches and 2 snacks every day. Children do not have access to a microwave.

It is also strictly forbidden to send to your child a meal ordered from a restaurant. If a child does not have a lunch and we cannot reach his or her parents, we will provide a hot meal (payable the same day).

Nuts and peanuts allergies

Nuts and peanuts are strictly prohibited on site. We kindly ask you to avoid products with the tag “may contain traces of peanuts.”

The management reserves the right to confiscate any product that seems inappropriate, and to replace it, at the parents’ expense.

What to put
in my backpack?

Swimming suit



Water bottle

2 snacks


*Those who cannot swim must have on hand a clearly identified floating vest (balloons and arm floating devices are prohibited).


Nuts, peanuts, portable video games and other digital devices (iPod, phone, etc.)

Lost objects

Dedicated bins are available on site. At the end of the summer, any object that has not been claimed will be donated to charity organizations. Sportmax is not responsible for any stolen, lost or broken item.

About your child

We do everything necessary to ensure the safety of your children. That is our top priority.

Important information

Upon registration, it is essential to declare any special aspect regarding your child’s behavior and/or health. Please provide our team with any relevant piece of information or tip that could help us provide him or her with the best possible supervision. Your collaboration is key!

Medication management policy

Except for epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen®) that the child must always have at hand (in a backpack, waist pack or in the counselor’s bag), all medicine must be left at the reception desk. A counselor or a member of the management team will supervise the medicine intake at the proper moment during the day. Upon registration, please make sure to add in your child’s file all the information (name of the medicine and dosage).

Behavioral follow-up note

So that every child can have a positive experience, we will issue a behavioral follow-up note every Tuesday, at the end of the day, which will keep you informed about your child’s attitude and involvement during the week (following instructions, respect for others, participation in activities, etc.)

It is issued early, since it is a key way to inform the parents of any situation demanding some adjustments. Please take a few minutes to discuss it further with your child and never hesitate to talk to his or her counselor if needed.

Reception and departure procedures

Detailed information concerning the reception and departure procedures will be communicated in the newsletter sent on the Thursday preceding each day camp registration week.

Authorization for departure

Only individuals whose names appear on the registration file will be allowed to leave with a child. Upon departure, a photo ID or a secret code will be required.

If the child must leave alone or with someone who is not registered in his or her file, a written authorization must be given to the reception beforehand.

Download the authorization form

Early Departure

For logistical reasons, it is impossible to pick up a child between 3:30 and 3:45 pm, since the groups are on the move to the assembly area. If the child must exceptionally leave during the day, please advise us upon arrival indicating the time of departure so that the child can be brought to the reception office at the scheduled time.

Les Fouineux newsletter

Every Thursday, you will receive the Fouineux newsletter by email with all the information about your next week of camp.

You must provide a valid email adress at registration.

Consult the current summer newsletters

Understanding tax deductions

When you pay for day camps, the amount paid is eligible as childcare expenses on your income tax return. By considering the deductions and credits provided for in the Quebec and Canadian tax laws, this amount is significantly reduced.

All taxpayers are entitled to relief, but the amounts of deductions and credits vary according to income and family situation.

At the provincial level

The provincial tax credit reimburses between 67% and 78% of the amount paid in childcare expenses. The percentage applied is based on family income.

At the federal level

The federal tax credit is a deduction of the amount of the fees paid from the lower income of the parents. Thus, the amount paid in childcare expenses reduces the income and saves the tax payable on the equivalent amount declared as childcare expenses.

By February 28 of the year following the summer for which the childcare expenses were paid, we issue a Statement of Child Care Expenses (RL-24 Slip) that you can print through your online enrollment file and use for your provincial and federal tax returns.

This information, based on tax file data for the year 2023, is intended to provide a summary of deductions and credits and is for information purposes only. Since there are many different family situations, please refer to a professional or to the documentation provided by the governments for full details.