Have a bunch of fun. Learn a little something.

Haven’t heard of us? Let’s start from the beginning. Here is who we are and what we do best. Here is why yourself and your kids will want to scream at the top of your lungs : I LIKE MY DAY CAMP!

For more than 25 years, we have been polishing our way of doing things to offer children magical summers and unforgettable memories!

Our camps entice nearly 25,000 children each summer.
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Specialized activities every day

With over 25 specialties to choose from, kids have a wide range of choices for a fun-filled, personalized summer. Whether they prefer sports, cooking or the arts, whether they’re fascinated by robotics or intrigued by science, our specialty camps are nothing short of perfect for having fun while learning.

In our camps, specialty is king! Each day more than half of the time is devoted to activities and projects related to the chosen discipline. And by relying on a meticulous planning process, we leave nothing out to ensure an unparalleled quality of animation.

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Never a dull day!

Specialized activities

Extended camp care program

free of charge

Biweekly swimming

at the municipal pool

Specialized rooms and professional facilities

in a pleasant and child-friendly environment

Quality supplies, available in large quantities

Free BBQ and festive day every Friday

A unique thematic atmosphere every week

complete with a plot, characters and games

Cooperative and recreational activities with, of course, many songs


Little extras

  • A $25 discount for multiple weeks For each additional week, from the 3rd week of registration for the same child.
  • Payment by installments
  • Fieldworker helping with group management
  • Warm meal service available (because you deserve a lunch break!)
  • The official summer song (that your child will sing over and over again!)
  • The official summer t-shirt, available for purchase at the front desk (once signed by the counsellors, it will be worth its weight in gold!)
  • The Fan Club Zone for camp lovers Access to exclusive information about the camp counsellors, photos and videos and surprises!
  • Weekly newsletter Sent on Thursdays before each registration week.
  • Behavioral follow-up note sent every week
  • On site display of the activities scheduled for each group
  • A hiring policy which favors college and university students
  • A “Vert de plaisir” policy, encouraging sustainable development principles and actions

Model counsellors

Our counsellors are silly enough to have a blast with your kids, but mature enough to ensure safe supervision in an environment where respect is key. They have advanced skills in their own precise speciality, as they study to become teachers, scientists or computer techs; as they are glorious athletes, future actors or artists!

They evidently have enough energy to never rest the slightest (which is good when surrounded by children also as energetic).

In addition to this, we offer them great support and a fabulous working environment (and a lot of little kindnesses).

As a result, they truly love their job and are therefore better at it (and the kids get all the benefits!)

So you can have peace of mind

We know that you entrust us with what is most precious to you, your kids. That is why we put safety first, and training, close second.

  • Complete training for our counsellors, recurring every year
  • First aid training for all employees
  • Training on anaphylactic shocks and how to administer epinephrine Épipen®, Allerject®, etc.
  • Medication management policy
  • Incident management and communication with the parents policy
  • Anti-bullying intervention policy
  • No nut and peanut policy
  • Control of parents or guardians authorized to leave with the kids
  • Emergency plans for safety measures
  • Extreme heat action plan
Thematic camps Montreal, Ile-Bizard, Pierrefonds

Please, do not insist

We cannot accept registrations for parents.

We are truly sorry, only your kids have the chance to spend a crazily fun summer with us!

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Understanding tax deductions

When you pay for day camps, the amount paid is eligible as childcare expenses on your income tax return. By considering the deductions and credits provided for in the Quebec and Canadian tax laws, this amount is significantly reduced.

All taxpayers are entitled to relief, but the amounts of deductions and credits vary according to income and family situation.

At the provincial level

The provincial tax credit reimburses between 67% and 78% of the amount paid in childcare expenses. The percentage applied is based on family income.

At the federal level

The federal tax credit is a deduction of the amount of the fees paid from the lower income of the parents. Thus, the amount paid in childcare expenses reduces the income and saves the tax payable on the equivalent amount declared as childcare expenses.

By February 28 of the year following the summer for which the childcare expenses were paid, we issue a Statement of Child Care Expenses (RL-24 Slip) that you can print through your online enrollment file and use for your provincial and federal tax returns.

This information, based on tax file data for the year 2023, is intended to provide a summary of deductions and credits and is for information purposes only. Since there are many different family situations, please refer to a professional or to the documentation provided by the governments for full details.