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Are you longing for a stimulating job, a rewarding work environment and dynamic, enthusiastic colleagues? Do you want to contribute your knowledge, experience, and energy for the benefit of children? If so, you belong right here with us!

To learn more about the positions available in our team for summer 2024 and to apply online, visit the Sportmax Job Portal (French only).

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Understanding tax deductions

When you pay for day camps, the amount paid is eligible as childcare expenses on your income tax return. By considering the deductions and credits provided for in the Quebec and Canadian tax laws, this amount is significantly reduced.

All taxpayers are entitled to relief, but the amounts of deductions and credits vary according to income and family situation.

At the provincial level

The provincial tax credit reimburses between 67% and 78% of the amount paid in childcare expenses. The percentage applied is based on family income.

At the federal level

The federal tax credit is a deduction of the amount of the fees paid from the lower income of the parents. Thus, the amount paid in childcare expenses reduces the income and saves the tax payable on the equivalent amount declared as childcare expenses.

By February 28 of the year following the summer for which the childcare expenses were paid, we issue a Statement of Child Care Expenses (RL-24 Slip) that you can print through your online enrollment file and use for your provincial and federal tax returns.

This information, based on tax file data for the year 2023, is intended to provide a summary of deductions and credits and is for information purposes only. Since there are many different family situations, please refer to a professional or to the documentation provided by the governments for full details.